At the beginning of 2018 we will take the filters to southern Senegal and give access to drinkable water to 551 families.

We will make the trip by sailing boat from Canary Islands to Sénégal to facilitate the transportation of the filters as well as our working tools. The sailing boat will also become our home during the whole stay in Africa. (We will sail up the river Casamance to reach the Ziguinchor area and the 7 villages.)


As soon as we arrive at Ziguinchor, we will meet Joseph Diatta and go back to the villages of Bandial, Séléky, Eloubaline, Batighère, Boko, Kailo. Once there, we will do the necessary training of the population for the proper operation of the filter along with talks on the importance of hygiene. Next we will proceed with the installation of the filters.

Once our mission is completed in these towns, the non-profit organization AGIR coordinated by Joseph Diatta will be in charge of monitoring and controlling the smooth functioning of the filters installed during the next 10 years.


Afterwards, People of Hope will continue to look for other areas affected by poor access to drinkable water throughout Africa as well as the implementation of other collaborative projects for the welfare of people.

Water Filter For Every Family

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Project Water For Senegal

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